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In 2018 Good Finance.lv offers to receive instant loans from 50 to 1500 eur in 5 minutes * after application approval. New customers can take advantage of the opportunity to borrow cheaper. The loan can be obtained without pledge and no proof of employment is required. Money can be refunded up to 3 years.

To borrow, 1.) click on the green button, 2.) choose your preferred loan amount and repayment term, 3.) confirm your user profile (transfer 0.01 eur to your company account), 4.) get money in your bank account.

Prerequisites for receiving Good Finance credit

Prerequisites for receiving Good Finance credit

The rules for borrowing on the Internet are simple, but there are a few requirements to meet:

  • your bank account,
  • mobile phone and email,
  • not be overdue for credit or defaulted,
  • age from 20 to 75 years,
  • at least $ 0.01 per account (must be credited to your Company account to verify your profile).

Currently, Good Finance credit is available to residents of Latvia (including citizens of other countries with a permanent residence permit). When applying for a loan, your application will be evaluated as quickly as possible (during working hours), but you can also complete the questionnaire at night. Having evaluated the available data in SSIA and SRS databases, credit specialists will decide on the available credit limit. If the amount of the loan available is different from that stated in the application, you will receive a message via email or phone. As this company is part of AS 4Finance (also includes ondo and smscredit), it may also receive data from other companies within the company.

One of the main obstacles to obtaining a loan can be inaccuracy. Even if you 100% meet all the conditions but you do not fill out the application form correctly, you may not get the credit. For this reason, make sure all the details are correct before submitting the questionnaire.

How to repay your loan safely?

How to repay your loan safely?

To pay off your loan, log in to your Internet bank and transfer the money to your business account with the billing number on your payment order. XXXXXXX Refund, where you enter the invoice number instead of XXXXXXX. For early repayment, include in the payment order the contract number and the request to close the loan before maturity. After the payment, all information will be reflected in your user profile. If in doubt, contact your business. Repaying money faster can save you money on interest and it is always financially profitable.

Note that non-cash transfers are not always as fast as you might wish. Don’t postpone your payment until the last minute. If you miss the deadline, you will have to pay extra for breach of contract.

In circumstances where timely repayment of the loan is not possible, you may extend the repayment term by paying a commission for this option at the amount requested by the company. Note that this payment does not reduce the need to cover the principal amount, which is not reduced by this payment. loan on schedule.

Cost of the loan

Quick credit is convenient, but its cost depends on the loan amount and term you choose. In most cases, a longer repayment period and a higher amount will result in a lower annual interest rate, but not always. Relatively often, credit is available at lower interest rates than other lenders, but not always. When in doubt, you can compare offers on the Wackford Squeers home page to see which loan offer is best for you. Detailed information about the cost of the loan will be available after choosing the loan amount and maturity by clicking on the Standard information menu.

The specified loan receipt time is valid in 98% of cases, after the credit application is considered and approved during business hours and within one bank.

Responsible and safe borrowing

Responsible and safe borrowing

Every cash loan carries certain risks for both parties. The lender runs the risk of lending and lays down conditions for self-protection in the contract. A borrower who is unable to repay the money on time may extend the term of the credit (for a fee). In the event of default, the company is entitled to a daily penalty and a penalty payment.

In addition, the non-payer may be included in debtors’ records, which automatically breaks down credit history and makes it more difficult to borrow in other companies or credit institutions in the future.

Specialist companies and the court may also be involved in the recovery of the money, which incurs additional costs for the debtor. Good Finance customers who commit to a timely commitment are usually positive because the decision is made and money is transferred very quickly. Consider repaying your loan. Borrow responsibly.